Source Codes

Here are the most commonly requested downloads of source code for my programming books by request since the old site went down. If you need files for any other book not listed, contact me and I’ll dig it up for you. I’ll put the rest up only when there’s a demand for them as I’m not using this site for marketing anymore.

Advanced 2D Game Development (2008)

Beginning Game Programming, 4th Ed (2014)

Beginning Java 5 Game Programming (2005)

DarkBasic Pro Game Programming

Programming The Nintendo Game Boy Advance (2003)

Game Programming All In One, 3rd Edition (2006)

More Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner (2010)

Multi-Threaded Game Engine Design (2010)

Pocket PC Game Programming (2002)

Video Game Programming for Kids, 2nd Ed (2012)

Visual Basic Game Programming For Teens, 3rd Ed (2010)

Visual C# Game Programming For Teens (2011)

Visual Basic .NET Programming for the Absolute Beginner (2003)