Please feel free to contact me via email as I have deleted my social media accounts. Here ya go:


My only sort of social media now is Goodreads which I use daily for book recommendations and my to-read list. If you’ve never tried it, give it a try! The site is now owned by Amazon but is run like a library. I always welcome new friends who love to read. Here’s the link: Goodreads.


While not an interactive social site, I do visit here often to post reviews and rate movies, TV shows, and games, as much for my own future use as for others. My opinion is usually spot on but I still get a lot of grief clicks. Oh well! I stopped caring about the opinions of strangers. If there is a way to interact, let me know and friend me. Who knows? I don’t, but maybe someone does… Here’s the linkage: Metacritic.


Steam Profile: Twobitcoder

Xbox Live: Anarchian

I’m not on Steam as much these days, though I welcome any friend requests in general. I spend most of my gaming time on the Xbox One, playing Minecraft, various Call of Duty games, Fallout 4 (a lot). Not much draws me to the PC anymore for gaming, even though I’ve been meaning to fire up Age of Wonders III and Civ V again. The problem is probably due to my crappy desk chair. If I had a new one, I’d probably play on the PC more often.


p.s. I do not use Facebook or Twitter because I hate them. My accounts are deleted or disabled. Yep, the FB page is no more, and I’ll leave tweets where they belong–in the trees.