About Me

Jon Harbour spent 15 years working as a programmer and consultant in several industries building traditional database applications and web services, primarily using VB, C#, C++, .NET Framework, and SQL Server, SQL Anywhere, MySQL, and Oracle, and all the usual tools, libraries, and methodologies.

Then he discovered writing is really awesome and did that for a while on the side. Well, that’s not entirely true, he’s always loved writing. Let’s phrase this differently: someone discovered that he likes to write and published his first programming book. That publisher was called Prima-Tech (known for popular game guides), which evolved over the years into Cengage Learning. This publisher, along with Sams, published twenty books by him, plus several which went into several revisions such as 3rd and 4th editions over the years. His last published programming book came out in 2014: a 2nd edition revision of Video Game Programming for Kids (a bestseller).

Then someone discovered his books and hired him to teach programming full time as an associate professor at a small but accredited private university, which turned into a five-year gig, which was exhausting because the small but accredited school was managed poorly, the faculty was overworked and never allowed a vacation and the initially exciting experience of molding new minds went downhill. It was fun while it lasted.

As of 2015, he has been writing self-pub fiction with The Mandate of Earth and The Legacy of Earth receiving positive reviews and intends to write a lot of short fiction which will be sent to zines and posted to this blog.