Please feel free to contact me via email as I have deleted my social media accounts. Here ya go:


My only sort of social media now is Goodreads which I use daily for book recommendations and my to-read list. If you’ve never tried it, give it a try! The site is now owned by Amazon but is run like a library. I always welcome new friends who love to read. Here’s the link: Goodreads.


While not an interactive social site, I do visit here often to post reviews and rate movies, TV shows, and games, as much for my own future use as for others. My opinion is usually spot on but I still get a lot of grief clicks. Oh well! I stopped caring about the opinions of strangers. If there is a way to interact, let me know and friend me. Who knows? I don’t, but maybe someone does… Here’s the linkage: Metacritic.


STEAM: I don’t play PC games very much at all these days (since buying an Xbox One S in 2016, and a XOX in 2018). I have a decent gaming PC, but I’ve spent so many years sitting at a desk that I don’t do it much any more. I have my recliner and large 4K and prefer consoles. Steam Profile: Twobitcoder.

XBOX LIVE: I spend most of my gaming time on the XOX these days and welcome friend requests on Xbox Live for multiplayer although I don’t play the usual twitch shooters any more (I can’t stand adolescent neurotics online). Xbox Live: Anarchian.

TRUE ACHIEVEMENTS: I spend a TON of time on TrueAchievements and I’m a pro member. It is my favorite gaming site since it is focused on achievements rather than reviews. If we’re friends on Xbox Live, then I’ll already see you here and vice versa.

I am a hardcore gamer with at least 20 hours per week on the Xbox One X and I buy and play a lot of different games, although I never buy new, never pre-order, and mostly grab sales. I play Minecraft with the kids, and enjoy all of the Assassin’s Creed series, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Far Cry, Halo…

Actually, it might make more sense to describe my gaming in terms of favorite studios or publishers: Ubisoft and Bethesda have dominated my game time for a few years now. Although I’m not likely to update this regularly, I did just play Far Cry Primal (to 100%), and loved it. Far Cry 5 irritates me. A LOT. I kind of hate it but after 40 hours I’m going to see it to the end. (Friend me on TA to see my progress).

Not much draws me to the PC anymore for gaming, even though I’ve been meaning to fire up Age of Wonders III and Civ V again. The last PC game I played was the new Master of Orion in mid-2018, put about 30 hours into it, then got tired of it and haven’t played any PC games since. They can’t compete with the XOX. I also hate using the keyboard/mouse for games. Even when gaming on the PC, I use a controller (unless it’s a strategy game).

p.s. I do not use Facebook or Twitter because I hate them. They foster anti-social disorders such as narcissism. My accounts are deleted and now I have at least one extra hour per day of time to use.