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General Topics / Re: Beginning Game Programming 3rd edition
« Last post by twobitcoder on April 21, 2017, 11:42:05 AM »
I read an earlier post somewhere that you were able to compile your anti-virus game in VS2013? If true do know if the rest of the content from the book works also. I upgraded to VS2015 and now that I started going through the book, I made it to chap.4 I am getting linker errors from d3d9.lib and d3dx9.lib.. I follow instructions from of. 101 with no luck. Do you maybe have any suggestions?

That specific problem is addressed in the 4th edition. You have to use the DirectX 2010, not the Windows SDK. There are some project-level settings to make in Visual C++ to direct the linker to look at those files before it gets to the built-in Windows SDK files (which includes the latest DirectX).

This stuff gets harder and harder to keep working so many years after release. Microsoft keeps changing things just for the sake of change without making any improvements. That's typical, to be expected, not something that bothers me, but it is problematic for anyone reading one of those books. I'm sure there are newer books published by others by now. I won't be doing any more editions of this book.

No plans to write any more game dev books. There's no market for it and/or too much piracy killed sales.

Folks shoot themselves in the foot when they steal PDFs on torrent sites. Authors quit writing after that. A lot of publishers went out of business in the last 5 years also as a result of that.

Not blaming YOU, just saying, that's what happened.
Nuts, I'm not getting notifications from this forum any more. Sorry about that. I need to figure out whatever is going on since it's not a spam filter.

That old GBA book is still selling on Kindle today for a couple bucks. I updated it around...2012...with some corrections and new layout for Kindle (note: It's not for Kindle devices, but for Kindle APP--it needs wide format due to code listings and doesn't work with a small e-reader).

Don't know if this helps you now but I've always hosted the old copy of VHAM on my site (since Emmanuel took it offline), sort of hid the link so it wasn't too obvious, but it's on the GBA book page and I just checked the link, it works.

Video Game Programming for Kids / Re: Pirate Treasure
« Last post by twobitcoder on April 21, 2017, 11:21:00 AM »
I'm sorry but I haven't been getting notifications from this forum. Seems to be a bug in the software because my spam filter isn't the problem.

Yes, it certainly sounds like you have a PC problem if your anti-virus is popping up every 15 seconds. I would shut off that software.

Visual Basic Game Programming for Teens / Re: Chapter 2 Issues
« Last post by twobitcoder on April 21, 2017, 11:14:45 AM »
I don't seem to be getting notifications on some of these boards. I'll look into the problem.
I've also had this issue and been attempting to resolve. How did you fix?
Visual Basic Game Programming for Teens / CH20 error loading default.item
« Last post by GameDev2017 on April 20, 2017, 03:07:46 PM »
the source code launches and it gets a error that says error loading default.item and crashes
The path is far longer. We're not really going yet.
Visual C# Game Programming for Teens / Can this book be used in 2017?
« Last post by 2dcode on January 15, 2017, 07:12:44 PM »
Hello, I am new to programming, and I was wondering if this book was able to be used to learn how to make 2d games in 2017.
Beginning Game Programming / Re: Problems about chp.5
« Last post by twobitcoder on January 09, 2017, 10:00:00 AM »
Hi. I haven't been watching the forum very closely in the past year. Sorry for not responding to your question. I'll re-enable notifications so I see questions like yours from now on.

Since it's been so long, I assume you solved the problem, or emailed me? If you're still having trouble with this problem, reply here and I'll help you work through it.

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