Apple and Nintendo: A Compatibility Study

Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: “AAPL“) is booming with a stock price of $395 (up $5 just today). Compared with rivals Microsoft (“MSFT”) at $26, IBM (“IBM”) at $193, and Hewlett-Packard (“HPQ”) at $28, Apple is sitting at the top of the computer industry with a market capitalization of $367 billion. Who would have guessed such a feat? This has all happened within a half-decade. Hard to believe, but five years ago, no one had heard of iPhone or iPad or iOS. Apple had a compelling product in the iPod which was developed into the aforementioned devices. Brilliant engineering and brilliant marketing!

Consider this company in an ancillary industry and in a different market: Nintendo (TYO: “7974“), with a Tokyo Exchange stock price of 11,250 yen (approx $144). (1 yen = 0.0128 dollars). Compared with rivals Sony (“6758”) at 1,397 yen, Konami (“9766”) at 2,350 yen, Namco Bandai (“7832”) at 1,136, Nintendo is sitting at the top of the Japanese electronics industry with a market capitalization of 1.44 trillion yen. It’s closest rival, Sony, has a market cap of 1.41T, while Konami has 326B and Namco Bandai has 256B.

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