2nd Novel Nearing Completion

Big news for 2016! The sequel is nearly complete, an action-packed story set 10 years after the end of Mandate. A new U.N. warship; corporate asteroid mining; rogue crews turned to piracy; a new colony called Luna City; massive construction projects on Ganymede; and Decatur causing problems, manipulating human DNA and offending the Tau Cetians. It is tightly written and concise at about 300 pages, and¬†worthy of the name “Legacy” (hint/hint!)
And, to celebrate the launch of this sequel, Mandate is undergoing a huge revision to trim it down from 480 pages to about 350. I’ve listened to the reviews from readers and agents. It will be the same story but with less speculation and other debut mistakes. The tighter writing will be a welcome improvement, and I’m hopeful that the exciting sequel will generate new fans of the original. Stay tuned for both releases this winter!

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