Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller)

This fairly older graphic novel, published in 1987 and re-released several times by DC Comics, was penned by Frank Miller (300, Sin City). The Dark Knight Returns is considered by many Batman fans to be a positive, revolutionary, desirable change to the Batman’s character. No longer bound by the Rated G ideals of the past, Miller’s Batman could kill villains while defending the weak and helpless citizens of Gotham City. A further change to the canon involved a gender switch for Robin who was portrayed as a girl. 

Being a life-long fan of Batman, but not necessarily a hard-core comic collector (I have about 1,000 issues), I stumbled upon this graphic novel again, having read it as a teen, and was pleasantly surprised by it after the many new incarnations of Batman in the intervening decades. This early work by Frank Miller is deserving of the kudos it has gotten over the years, and is responsible for many of the innovations seen in Chris Nolan’s Batman movie trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises).


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