Busy Winter

I’ve had a busy winter and early spring so far. In January, I completed work on Visual C# Game Programming for Teens (check the forum for details), then quickly cranked out XNA Game Studio 4.0 for Xbox 360 Developers. Now that spring has kicked in, I find myself drifting quite a bit when I sit down to write, and day after day I end up listening to music, watching youtube videos of Mustang and Ford GT street racing (getting ready for Fast Five!), and mess around on fnsweet.com among other things. I abandoned Facebook. Don’t even get me started on that. Oh, and I converted my Mustang GT into a bona-fide Roush Stage 3.

My current project which is already 5 weeks overdue is called something like, uh, Sams Teach Yourself Windows Phone 7 Game Programming in 24 Hours. Good grief what a stupid title for a book, but it’s the content that counts, and maybe that stupid title will generally sell better since it’s a recognized book series. Also on the hook is More Python Game Programming for the Absolute Beginner. The “More” part means this is a follow-up book, but not a new edition of the “non-More” Python book by Michael Dawson (whose name reminds me of the infamous physicist/atheist with a similar name). I don’t mind, I like Python.


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