The Legacy of Earth Released!


Having finally escaped the gravity well of Earth, humanity began to spread out, and living in space became much more practical thanks to a handful of critical technologies–fusion power, faster-than-light communication, artificial gravity, automated mining, and advanced construction, to name a few. For many, living in space was as comfortable as living on Earth. Corporations, in the meantime, realizing the potential profits of space industry, scrambled to get into orbit. And with such rapid expansion came heavy competition … and piracy.

Dallas is a 22-year-old, non-organic, “Next-Gen” human with too much energy and not enough challenge in his life. Seeking fame, fortune, and adventure, he joined the military–the U.N. Security Council Defense Force. With rampant piracy interfering with trade, the UNSC Navy commissioned a space fleet in response. Two rushed space cruisers, three unfinished hulls, and a lot of bugs later, the fledgling fleet began its interdiction patrol.

As if piracy wasn’t bad enough, an interstellar neighbor has taken an interest in the “upstart” humans….

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