Diablo III Coming To Xbox 360 and PS3


It’s true, Diablo III is coming to consoles! Having only ever played the demo version on my PC, it was always once of those games I’d intended to buy and play but never got around to since release. I’d originally played the first game way back in 1996-97 on battle.net via dialup and consider it the most memorable, intoxicating game of the decade. I even have the soundtrack.

The official release date is 09/03/2013.

Blizzard Press Release

IGN Story


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  1. It’s the new F2P MMO made by Cryptic Studios. Yes, the same ones who did City of Heroes and Star Trek Online. 🙂 So far, it’s been worth the time and money I’ve put into it; there’s a lot of community-created content that keeps it fresh.

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