The Mandate of Earth

mandate_120One man’s dream to colonize the solar system is accelerated after a comet destroys an American city.

Jack Seerva, an aerospace entrepreneur, has a lifelong dream to colonize the solar system.
Right out there, just beyond Earth, are millions of asteroids waiting to be mined and processed. It would eliminate the strain on Earth’s environment and probably eliminate all war.

Then the unthinkable happens–a comet impact craters an American city, a disaster that could have been an Extinction Event. Jack is convinced that he has a calling–a mandate–to preserve Earth’s greatest achievement: human civilization.

Seerva knows that expanding beyond Earth is no longer just about riches or the environment–it has become about human survival. After decades of hard work, Seerva has built the infrastructure needed to construct the first ore-processing space station in deep space, where even one large asteroid has more ore than all the mines on Earth.

But, Seerva’s success garners the attention of rivals who accuse him of attempting to monopolize space industry. Even with the promise of a Golden Age of prosperity, with the future of the race at stake, his rivals won’t back down–and tragedy ensues.

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