Mandate 2.0 Revision Started


I’ve listened to all of the feedback from reviews and comments from friends and am in the early stages of a revision. This being my first novel, it was bound to have some readability issues. I spent too long writing and revising and obsessing over it.

So, now with some new writing tips behind my belt and a desire to make this novel extremely readable, engaging, exciting, I will begin a new revision with a goal of an easier-to-read, more engaging story, with less thought and more action. You’d be surprised how fairly small changes can make a big impact! And, as a friend suggested, in the ebook world today, with instant updates online, there’s no reasonĀ not to revise and update an ebook–as often as necessary to get it just right!

This was my first novel and I was understandably proud of it. I thought it was pretty amazing, really, and to be honest: I wrote it for my own enjoyment. That’s one reason why it took 12 years to finish, because I had not seriously intended to publish it. Maybe in the back of my mind, I always hoped, but that wasn’t the goal. It was really about writing a story I myself would enjoy reading, after being dissatisfied with quite a few novels by popular science fiction writers.

Then, around early 2014, I realized I did have something special on my hands, and that I should begin the transition from a personal piece to a marketable novel. This revision is a necessary step in that direction. After 9 months on the market, and 45 reviews, it has done pretty well–well enough for me to join the Science Fiction Writer’s Association (SFWA), the organization responsible for the Nebula awards. I was proud to be able to join! Hopefully, this revision will take the novel to a new level in time for the SEQUEL to come out in early 2016!


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