Solid State Rhyme (novella)

Solid State Rhyme OTHER SITES

Daniel Grant is a quiet teenager with a penchant for mad science–computer science and robotics, that is. His “A-Life” project, based on a genetic algorithm he designed, wins first place in his secondary school technology competition.

He becomes obsessed with his “Bots.” One night, the bots begin to multiply and evolve, and they discover the Internet.

At first, a new software virus is reported, hitting networks around the world. They invade government and corporate computers indiscriminately.

But the “virus” behaves strangely–rather than causing harm, the bots improve computers, replacing error-prone human code with their own. As cyber security experts around the world hunt them down, the bots must learn to adapt in order to survive.

The new standalone prequel to The Mandate of Earth is now available for Kindle! This is my first novella-length work of fiction, and was actually my first fiction story, originally written in 1997 but never released. This was the inspiration behind the novel so it’s a fitting prequel.

If you read Mandate already, this novella will give you a sneak peek into the lives of several important characters who played a big part in Mandate. If you have not read the novel already, then this is a standalone novella of about 100 pages and is an enjoyable story on its own. It was highly technical until reviewers suggested bringing down the reading level a bit. Now there’s still some tech here–after all, it is a cyberpunk story–but the coding chapters are not as intense. Best to get on with the story than get bogged down into such details. I love the tech, personally. 🙂


Grab yourself a copy right now for Kindle!

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