I’ve continued working on the game engine featured in my book Advanced 2D Game Development, using it as an example in my courses and hobby work, so it’s evolved quite a bit from the original Advanced2D engine in the book–and I’ve called the new engine Octane to differentiate it from the book version.

The latest feature is a script language called OctaneScript which can tap into the engine via LUA script code. The language consists of C++ functions that can be called from LUA script. That isn’t anything revolutionary, since most game engines have scripting support. But my intent is to build games entirely in script code, rather than just enhancing them with LUA.

The first example is available on the forum: a remake of a Pocket PC game I created with an artist friend a few years ago. This game was pretty challenging for the newbie script engine, which had no features to speak of when it was started. Next I’ll be creating demos that show how the various features of the script language work, such as keyboard and mouse input, sprites, meshes, lighting, camera control, math, physics, and so on, with a few small games thrown in for good measure. Check the forum for more details.

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