Multi-Threaded Game Engine Design

Build a powerful shader-based game engine from scratch with threading support! The first five chapters, about 120 pages, cover the major threading libraries with examples; then the engine is built and tested with threading support in the final chapter. This is a good book for learning engine development with or without threading.


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Multi-Threaded Game Engine Design shows experienced game developers how to apply threading techniques to game programming technology to improve game performance. Using Direct3D and C++, a sample game engine is created step-by-step through the book featuring numerous examples to illustrate the concepts. Detailed screenshots and well documented source code help readers understand the techniques being presented. Multi-threading is one of the hottest game development topics today and this book will show students how to apply advanced, cutting edge techniques to their game programming skill set.

Compiler support: The code in this book was developed using Visual C++ 2008 and DirectX SDK (2010). Later versions of both will still work, but earlier versions may not.

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