Programming the Nintendo Game Boy Advance: The Unofficial Guide

Learn to program the Nintendo Game Boy Advance! This classic title has been reformatted and published for Kindle. Out with the old e-book, in with the new and highly convenient Kindle edition! The Kindle edition is very nicely formatted as a single book document that can be read with bookmarks, highlights, and all of the familiar Kindle features, making for a much better reading experience! The source code, project files, software tools, and all media (images, sounds) have been packaged into a single archive, available for download (see below).

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Introduction with Foreward by John Romero
Part One : The Zen of Getting Started
Chapter 1 : Welcome To The Console World
Chapter 2 : Game Boy Architecture In A Nutshell
Chapter 3 : Game Boy Development Tools
Chapter 4 : Starting With The Basics
Part Two : Being One With The Pixel
Chapter 5 : Bitmap-Based Video Modes
Chapter 6 : Tile-Based Video Modes
Chapter 7 : Rounding Up Sprites
Part Three : Meditating On The Hardware
Chapter 8 : Using Interrupts and Timers
Chapter 9 : The Sound System
Chapter 10 : Interfacing With The Buttons
Chapter 11 : ARM7 Assembly Language Primer
Part Four : The Mother of All Appendices
Appendix A : ASCII Chart
Appendix B : Recommended Books and Web Sites
Appendix C : Game Boy Advance Hardware Reference
Appendix D : Answers To The Chapter Quizzes
Appendix E : Using The CD-ROM

Download HAM IDE (compiler)

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  1. Hello Jonathan, I used to find the pdf version of this book here and I download it before, but I lost it …

    but now I can’t find any pdf for downloading, do you think I can have a free version of this book
    it would be great : )

  2. Hey Jonathan,
    I’m interested in GBC development and got a few questions but unfortunately the forum doesn’t work for me. I thought I’d let you know that the forum is down.

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