Teach Yourself Android Game Programming in 24 Hours

This book covers the Android 4.0 SDK 19 using Eclipse and the Java language, with step-by-step tutorials on setting up the development environment. A new developer is likely to find Android daunting to break into. This book helps alleviate those challenges by offering sage advice and solid tutorials. This book is for beginners with intermediate coverage of game programming concepts.


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Now, there’s a practical, hands-on guide to mastering game development for Android 4.0 with the Android SDK and Eclipse IDE. One step at a time, this book teaches all facets of mobile game development, from game design and handling user input through publishing via Google’s Android Market. Top game development author Jonathan S. Harbour starts with the absolute basics, making Android game development accessible even to programmers who’ve never written a game before.

In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, he shows how to use free Android development tools to design and construct high-performance, highly-playable games for the newest Android smartphones and tablets. Friendly, accessible, and conversational, this book delivers a practical grounding in Android game development without ever becoming overwhelming or intimidating. Each lesson builds on everything that’s come before, helping readers learn core techniques from the ground up. Readers learn key concepts, syntax, and techniques through short, practical examples that reflect the realities of modern mobile game development.

Sams Teach Yourself Android Game Programming in 24 Hours



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