Video Game Programming for Kids, 2nd Edition

This book shows how to make simple games with the easy to use BASIC language! Fun projects introduce early concepts in computer programming. Recommended for ages 8 and above. New 2nd Edition contains minor corrections and updates.

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Introduce pre-teens and young learners to the exciting world of game programming! This concise, dynamic book is designed specifically for 8-12 years olds and uses simple language; a step-by-step approach; and no-cost QB64 easy, but powerful, software to teach short graphics programs and games. This book is ideal for true beginners or young users who have no prior experience with programming tools. The author uses a humorous, captivating approach with brief chapters that each focus on a single programming or basic computer science concept. All programs and readings center around fun activities, such as cracking a safe, guessing the secret number, or finding the treasure.

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  1. I bought this book and is the only real one I am learning from about QB64. My wife miss placed the book and I have not been able to find the book, I was wondering if I can get a PDF of the commands and a syntax of how they work or a PDF version of the book or will I have to re buy the book? Also I am trying to get QB64 to lunch the app for Android, can you explain how to do that, also I am trying to become a Mobile app 2d game developer any suggestions I would like to use a tablet to draw and creat sound and Programe on would be pretty cool any suggestions. Thanks for taking time to read and giving any input.

    1. Hi Ryan. No, I don’t have a PDF, but the book is inexpensive on amazon. I don’t know anything about QB64 ports, that’s a question for the developers. Regarding game content, a tablet is a terrible choice for creating anything–it’s a consumption device, and will wreck your creativity. Use a regular PC for development.

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