Visual Basic Game Programming for Teens (3rd Ed)

Teaches step by step how to create a complete RPG game system from scratch, complete with custom engine, Level Editor, Character Editor, Item Editor, and Quest Editor!


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Visual Basic Game Programming for Teens teaches teens and other beginners how to create their own 2D role-playing game (RPG) using the free-to-download and easy-to-use Visual Basic 2008 Express. You will learn step-by-step how to construct each part of the game engine using Windows Forms and GDI+, including a tiled scroller, game editors, and scripting.

If you like playing RPGs, you’ll love learning how to create your own because you have complete control over the game world. You’ll gain a basic understanding of Visual Basic, giving you a game programming foundation, and the ability to use the tools and source code you create for other custom games. In each chapter you’ll study short examples of code to help you build the different components of the game, including the foundational elements, the game engine, and all the gameplay components.

You’ll build the sample game from chapter to chapter, adding new elements and features as you learn them. And by the end of the book you’ll have created a working RPG from scratch! With the tools, code, and skills you learn you’ll be able to start creating your very own game adventures in no time.


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  1. Hi

    I am teaching Visual Basic Through Gaming at a high school level and I am using this book for the text. I am unable to download the source code; the link does not react when I click it. How can I get the source code?

    Thank you.

    1. Sorry about that, Ralph. The URL seems to have been disconnected when I updated the page a while back. I’ll fix the link. You can also find links to all book sources on the forum.

  2. Trying to read the book right now… Soooo many problems I have no idea where to start. Trying to make the Dice War game and its so hard to put together because the instructions are vague as hell.

    1. This book is not for absolute beginners, does not teach the language. “Game Programming” does not imply teaching the language too. Can’t do that in a 300-page book.

    2. But, what exactly is the problem? See the link above in the book description? Click that link and go to the forum. This is a book comment page, not technical help.

  3. I may be late to the game but here’s a suggestion, “Visual Basic in easy steps: Covers Visual Basic 2015” by Mike McGrath, Mar 29, 2016. This is easy to follow and the section on databases is well worth the price of the book.

    Best of luck.

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