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I’ve been working hard on the first game that will be released under the banner of my game studio, Primeval Games. So far we’ve got a complete game design done, a basic prototype, and some of the custom artwork is trickling in. I’m very excited about the potential of this game on multiple platforms, because it is a truly unique product with an interesting storyline and characters.

I am working with two modelers and a concept artist so far. If you have skill in 3D modeling, 2D concept art, or sprite animation, please contact me! The goal is to complete the Windows version by the end of this year, then port it to several more systems.

I am also working on a retro Star Trek game in my spare time (little as there is), along with Joshua Smith. This game is based on the classic Trek game where the galaxy looks like a grid of dots and the Enterprise is just an E and stars look like *. I always enjoyed that game which seemed to get ported to every computer system ever made until the 90s when it was forgotten. I want to remake it for Windows with as much flair as I can muster while retaining the old recipe that made it fun. I’m writing it in Basic of course (DBPro), for nostalgic reasons.

I am planning a follow-up game in the same vein only using a 2D scrolling engine, and it will focus on the early era, starting off before TOS with the earlier generation that Trek fans would remember. You’ll start off with a Daedalus-class starship, without phasers, photons, or transporters–just nuclear missiles. (Hey, this is canon…forget Paramount and that stupid Enterprise series that contradicted Roddenberry…then again it was a holodeck fantasy all along, right?) This second game is a larger, more expansive version of Trek. Does this make me an uber-geek? Absolutely. I’m making these two games because work on All In One 3E has set me back in time again to when I was a teenager, and this was the type of game I always wanted to make (but didn’t quite know how). Before books were ever written about game programming, guys like me had to figure things out by trial and error. I spent a lot of time creating tools such as my sprite editor.

When I was 15, I remember sitting in the library during lunch sketching out the design for this Trek game. The problem was, I didn’t know how, as I was a newbie programmer. By the time I had skillz, I’d forgotten about it. But now years later I’m going to fulfill that early dream. Why? For the heck of it. There comes a time when you should do something challenging and even costly just because you enjoy it, not for any other reason. My inspiration came from a desire to duplicate the feel of adventure in the old series of Trek in a computer game. Modern games like Birth of the Federation fail, because of licensing problems (that game is based entirely on TNG, not TOS). I don’t want limitations like that. I think these two games will bring a lot of enjoyment to old-school geeks because these are the types of games I grew up playing. That is essentially the point I’ve tried to make in the first chapter of this third edition book.

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