Putting The Squeeze on Iran

Americans are a hard working people, among the most productive in the world, per capita. The problem is, Americans spend so much time working to earn money in order to buy more of the stuff that advertising has convinced us that we need, that we stop paying attention to the rest of the world. It’s a side effect of the targeted brainwashing techniques used in advertising campaigns–one strong reason to mute your TV or radio any time an advertisement comes on. News agencies are going the way of Wikipedia in the near future, so blind advertising is on the way out, finally. There are many ads I do want to see, but most are not relevant to me. This is the great revolution in advertising that Google discovered before anyone else and has reaped huge benefits from their foresight. It’s somewhat invasive, but I’ll take that over idiotic ads for hair replacement therapy (and worse). More and more of my fellow Americans are becoming aware of how advertising campaigns work, and more of us are not falling for it like our parents did (hook, line, and sinker, game shows and all).

Another side effect of Americans having a poor attention span is that we miss “the big picture,” so washed are we in trivial news stories. We hear every day about the evil Mahmoud Ahmadinejad trying to build nuclear weapons, and that’s about as far as it gets in our international awareness, and unfortunately most Americans are fine with that. (Even the blow-hard Rush Limbaugh has given up raising the big issues, resorting instead to talking about his iPad and his poodle). This nesting Eagle wants to continue dreaming in its slumber, but when you finally wake her up…. Get all 300 million of us riled up, and politicians run for the hills. It takes a lot to snap Americans out of their dream state, so filled are our lives with entertainment in the form of concerts, music videos, movie theaters, streaming films, TV shows, partying, eating, and drinking. Those who work hard, tend to play hard. I believe Americans are hard working people, and we play hard too in order to survive! Our federal, state, and city governments, our corporations, our churches, our organizations, work hard to produce powerful results, resulting in incredible innovation and awe-inspiring works of creativity. But when the day is done, we tire, and rest in proportion to how much we work. So intent are we in our work, that we do not linger during the day, and take our news in whatever down time we have each day or week.

Therein lies the problem, because our news outlets are also working hard to give Americans what we want, and after a hard day’s work solving intractable problems, what we do not want is to get bummed out with more bad news. So, news has evolved into a new form of entertainment. We laugh at our celebrities and their ridiculous machinations in that hell-hole of Hollywood, California. In a macabre way, we enjoy watching the rich and powerful fall hard! And you know what’s odd? We don’t mind if they turn their lives around and succeed again. And fall hard again. We laugh and gossip, thankful that we aren’t as screwed up as our celebrities. Would you trade your healthy, beautiful nose for a million bucks? These aren’t real Americans, they’re actors who live in a fantasy world of make believe. Don’t judge us because of our self-loving entertainers–they are a product of their environment.

Those who misunderstand Americans do so at their own peril.

We have a righteous stupidity. Forgive the term, I mean no disrespect to my fellows, I do believe Americans are brilliant and hard working. But, we are idiotic when it comes to the belief that we have a mandate, to bring “freedom” (i.e. capitalism) to the world, and the world should be conscious of the fact that our leaders most often act against our will. Most of the world doesn’t want our idea of “freedom”. That is our Achilles Heel, the belief that everyone needs us. Those who don’t accept Americanism need to be coerced for their own good. Such is the belief of George W. Bush and his administration, which had the support of 90% of Americans during 2002-2004, before we realized that he had ulterior motives, sponsored by long-vested plans laid by the Pentagon. Thus, I come to the point. Look at the middle east.

Most Americans don’t know where Iraq is located on a world map.

I mean this, also, with no disrespect, but it’s true, and when you begin to study this map, you will see a revelation. Do you see the significance of this map in light of recent geo-political maneuvering by the U.S. and the Coalition forces that invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? Terror was a ruse. A GOOD ONE, based on an unfortunate event in 2001, an opportunity that was not wasted.

If you are current or ex-military, you might see something significant on that map. If you are an officer, a graduate of West Point, I’m sure you see what I’m referring to. Look at the map. Click it to open a larger view. What’s at the center? IRAN. Instantly, you think of it’s charismatic president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He’s a patriot and a hero–to his people. Why?

(Let me briefly remind you of the heroes of our revolution–Washington, Revere, Adams, Franklin. They were surrounded on all sides and fighting an impossibly powerful enemy, the mighty British Empire, an empire so vast that the sun never set on the dominion of Britain. Here were these men, hard working businessmen, demanding fair taxes and representation, which were both denied to the American colonies. So what did they do? They blew up His Majesty’s ships. They blew up His Majesty’s forts. They blew up His Majesty’s men. They committed acts of terrorism against His Majesty King George.)

I am not defending terrorist acts that have resulted in the loss of American lives. But, put into perspective, according to the self-righteous terms we use today, our own founding fathers were terrorists. Gasp! How dare you? Whose side are you on? I’ve heard worse, and from my own relatives and so-called friends. What are American soldiers dying for in Iraq and Afghanistan? No, it’s not for my freedom or to fight terrorism, it’s for geo-political domination of the world. Don’t attack me with the usual MO about being an unpatriotic <insert expletive>. The Nazis used the same pro-patriotic, nationalistic control techniques that the Republican party uses every day through the airwaves by the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Ingram. This is old school manipulation: question the patriotism of anyone who doesn’t support the president. The Bush family learned these techniques when grandfather Prescott did business with the Nazis.

God bless the American soldiers who have died on the battlefield with honor, and their families, but His Majesty had a loyal and brave army in the 18th century too, and those men died for the freedom of British people, according to this logic. From a certain point of view, if you consider freedom the furthering of a nation’s will on the broader canvas of the world’s affairs, then yes, they died for the freedoms of Great Britain. So our troops die in Iraq and Afghanistan for our freedoms, thus defined. Anyone who believes it is to defend against a future terrorist attack should just go back to partying.

My freedoms are in more danger from politicians than from any foreign army or terrorist group!

Iran is being squeezed, and this is no recent development. The United States has bought influence in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Turkey; has a strong military presence if not outright ownership of Iraq and Afghanistan (due to the fictional but effectively marketed “war on terrorism”). This is called a squeeze maneuver against Iran. Whether the American people realize it or not, we are already at war with Iran, and have been since 2001. Iran was the goal all along, with Iraq and Afghanistan the staging ground, two fronts on a single small nation that can’t possibly withstand a squeeze maneuver on both sides by a highly mobile and coordinated military force put forth by the most wealthy and powerful nation on Earth, further strengthened by allied armies. American and allied or mercenary troops control 70% of Iran’s borders. It is inevitable that some action will take place, if not directly then as a result of a false-flag action on our part.

(Historical fact: The CIA removed the first democratically-elected president of Iran, Mossadegh, in 1952, because he began nationalizing the oil industry controlled by British Petroleum, for the benefit of the people of Iran. The CIA replaced him with a Shah!. This is no conspiracy theory, the CIA has openly admitted it. Ahmadinejad knows this history of his own country, so he must play western powers against each other to keep them off his heels, while keeping his Shi’ite power base happy to maintain power long enough to build up his military and nuclear capability.)

If you were the president of Iran, looking at this map as I’m sure he does every day, and knowing the true historical behavior of the United States, what would you conclude? One cannot discern any other situation than that the stage is set for invasion of Iran. Would you not broker alliances with every sympathetic nation you could, including Russia, which grows increasingly impatient with America, and North Korea, and every other nation that is vehemently anti-American? Including China? What have we not heard regarding a Chinese-Iranian alliance? China doesn’t get involved in the middle east, but that could change as the Dragon too begins to wake up.

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