Review: A Clash of Kings

A Clash of KingsA Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Drags and drags and drags and drags and drags, infinity…

I so enjoyed the first novel, gobbled it up, and jumped right into this one, then stalled. Quit reading for a couple months–so much good stuff to read, after all–then returned to it, and slogged through it. But let me tell you, it was not easy going.

I was bored out of my mind and now I really wonder whether GRRM will ever finished this series, because there’s no significant movement in this novel. And from what I’ve heard, little movement in the following novels as well. In fact, someone mentioned that book #5 goes BACK to the start of the timeline in book #4, and resumes from there with a different character!

Such overrated garbage… This is not “America’s Tolkien”. Ugh…

Just, people moving around, here and there, once in a while someone dies, and everyone keeps on moving here and there, and the other place, again without anything happening. BORING!! Not reading any more of this dreadfully dull series.

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