Review: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Book & DVD Set

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Book & DVD SetBatman: The Dark Knight Returns Book & DVD Set by Frank Miller
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I bought The Dark Knight Returns animated film, part I & II, when they released, and wishlisted the Deluxe Edition for a couple years without hitting the button on it. When I found this gorgeous hardcover of the 30th Anniversary Edition + the Deluxe Bluray, on sale at a local retail store, I couldn’t resist.

I’ve read the paperback GN many times and watched the film many times, but last night I enjoyed the seamless whole for the first time: 2 1/2 hours of Frank Miller awesomeness in one of DC’s best animated film ever made. They’ve done a lot of films in the last 4 years, a lot of excellent ones such as Batman: Year One, Justice League: Doom, and Gotham Knight. But none received the quality of TDKR in my opinion.

The HC book is gorgeous. The paper is of higher quality than the PB and the boards and spine are solid. Inside the back cover are 3 discs. Since I already have parts I & II on my “DC shelf”, I don’t mind shelving this edition with the film inside. It’s a really terrific item for any fan.

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