Review: Gods of Night

Gods of NightGods of Night by David Mack
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I slogged through it and it was never quite right for me, very hit or miss. But, I like David Mack and will read the next two to finish the series. However, I’m quite miffed that everything this guy writes is in series format. He never writes a novel, just the first chapter of a series, so everything he does is half-baked and that gets old after a while.

I’ve read David Mack before, and he’s a nice guy in person, but the writing style here is no surprise–very similar to his Vanguard novels. In fact, too similar to Vanguard. That story was dragged out at a painfully slow pace to make it into a long series without a satisfying conclusion, when a trilogy would have worked JUST FINE.

As is the case with the Destiny trilogy, I feel the author letting off the throttle here in order to push the plot into the second volume. That irritates me. A series written from the start AS a trilogy means plot elements are introduced with the author having no intention of resolving them until perhaps the last 10 pages of book 3.

In this regard, David Mack’s work suffers. The ideas are completely derivative. There’s just nothing new here. But it’s good “Trek” and even better “TNG”.

Three captains in the post-Voyager time period, and one captain in the Enterprise time period, tied together with a massive Borg invasion and an advanced alien race that obviously holds the technology for near-instantaneous extra-galactic travel. This isn’t even subtle. Mack has already shown his hand in this first novel. Obviously, the Borg come upon this advanced race’s tech and uses it to invade the Federation with instantaneous travel from thousands of light years away.

I don’t know yet what happens with the Caelian race and Captain Hernandez of the NX-class Starship Columbia except that obviously the ship is sent to the Delta quadrant and crash lands on a planet, and in the wreckage is some angry alien energy being. Perhaps a Caelian? Don’t know yet but to be honest I’m kind of annoyed and wouldn’t say I’m exactly excited to find out.

The focus on inter-personal relationships is kind of annoying too. Interesting up to a point, but page after page about Troi’s miscarriage and radiation-damaged uterus and… I Just. Don’t. Care! Get on with the story already. Seriously. Troi was not that interesting even at the height of TNG. And, OMG, if I see the word Imzadi one more time…

Anyway, I’m giving this series a chance. I’m just annoyed that it’s already playing out like Vanguard. It’s like Mack just starts to get into a sub-plot, and says, WAAAIIITTTTAMINUTE, pulls back the reins, and puts that off until the next book.. That’s annoying.

The Federation is on the verge of being destroyed by the Borg, with whole planets annihilated–the deaths of billions of people. And though this, that narcissistic wench Deanna Troi is only concerned with her damaged uterus, and Riker is so distracted by her that he can’t even do his job any more as captain of the Titan. And on top of that, they both insist on remaining on duty. GIVE ME A BREAK, Mack. They’re both emotionally compromised and would be taken OFF DUTY by the chief medical officer. Deanna would have a choice–terminate her pregnancy or remain in her quarters until her uterus ruptures and she winds up in surgery. Riker would also be put on notice to get his head back on the bridge or stand down. I am very irritated with this whole scenario. It’s highly unprofessional, not at all how two of Starfleet’s finest would behave. They have been through hell together over the years. If Deanna is really this neurotic, she has no business being on active duty.

Yes, it’s annoying enough for me to nearly stop reading… Maybe I’ll just start skipping the Titan segments altogether. What a waste of paper. Unless this baby will end up saving the universe, I hope Mack gets on with it for crying out loud. Oh, but I have to buy *BOOK 2* to find out what *REALLY* happens. How tiresome. This is why I like Peter Hamilton: He can write one volume that’s 700 pages, and completely tie up all loose ends and give the reader an ending. You know, THE END. Not, “Stay tuned next week…”

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