Review: Podkayne of Mars

Podkayne of MarsPodkayne of Mars by Robert A. Heinlein
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I forgot to review this after finishing it so memory is a bit light now. I remember the story being okay, an interesting female protagonist with some unfortunate sexist ideas to deal with.

This definitely requires a re-reading because despite the time period in which it was published, I like Heinlein’s heroines, which are few. He seemed to have a hard time writing a good female co-star as anything but a sex object, but when put in the driver’s seat, his leading ladies were capable and strong and independent.

That’s confusing to me. Heinlein is pretty confusing, though, due to his inconsistent writing over the years. I have speculated before that I believe he was experimenting with a lot of different ideas over the years, which led to some truly magnificent novels and some quite bad ones–whereas it’s usually preferable for a writer to produce consistently good stuff. Nope, not Heinlein: he either knocked it out of the park or struck out. That implies a daring personality willing to take risks, and I can respect that.

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