Review: Revolt in 2100

Revolt in 2100Revolt in 2100 by Robert A. Heinlein
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is a collection containing the novella “If This Goes On” followed by shorts “Coventry” and “Misfit.” I was disappointed when the novella ended abruptly, with a decent ending but not worthy of the build up and prior character development which seems wasted. Heinlein should have turned this into a full novel, it was that good–about an alternate America ruled by a religious dictatorship, and how people feared the Prophet and “sin”. This I can relate to at a personal level. I understand, from the biography, that Heinlein dealt with it as well in his life, growing up in the Bible belt, parents heavily involved in their church. Just wish it had lasted longer…

The two follow-up stories have absolutely nothing to do with the novella and can be skipped by all but Heinlein completists as they are out of place, and I’m not even sure why they are here–to fill pages, no doubt.

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