Review: The Walking Dead, Book Three

The Walking Dead, Book ThreeThe Walking Dead, Book Three by Robert Kirkman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Outstanding storytelling that completely eclipses the AMC series (filled with YA/teenage plot devices). The characters here are fascinating and complex, flawed, selfish, and stressed out beyond belief, so they make a lot of mistakes. But in the series, it seems the staff writers and actors took a page out of the first comic and ran with it, ignoring all character development that took place after that inaugural episode. For instance, Rick still wearing that idiotic sheriff costume (years later), and Carl still sporting that damn hat and redneck hair, which he does NOT do in the comic.

The AMC producers are clearly not including Kirkman. In fact, I’ll bet he’s involved in name only. I sort-of enjoyed the first 5 seasons. They didn’t compare to these books at all, and many scenes were too staged and unlikely, but still, I watched. Now, that season 6 cliffhanger, and season 7 opener, were so UNWATCHABLE that I quit watching entirely. As far as I’m concerned, the show ended with the death of you-know-who. Better yet, the series ended with season 5, because 6 wasn’t much better than 7. And maybe I feel this way only because I’ve been reading the comics for so long?

Why does that matter anyway in this review of book three? It’s crucial to compare and contrast because the show is so popular and is likely to affect one’s opinion of the source material. The quality of the writing and art in this book and the others is OUTSTANDING. But be warned: If you read a few of these books, you’re possibly going to hate the show. It depends on each person, obviously. I sort of liked the show about 50% of the time up to season 6, and then just couldn’t stand it any more. Because I had read this book and the others! Just something to think about. You might actually enjoy the show more if you don’t read these books. Because the quality of the storytelling here is so much better.

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