The Journal of Dr. McFadden (short story)

A neuro-scientist in the late 1990s is performing neurological research into solving brain disorders when she develops a radical new technique for treating—possibly even curing—Alzheimer’s Disease and ALS. She first experiments with a mouse, then a cat, and successfully uploads treated neuron data back into the test subject’s brain.

The next logical step will be human trials, but to take that step, she must first demonstrate that her technique works without injuring the test subject. That takes time and funding, and there’s one big problem—animals don’t have a human cerebral cortex.

I wrote this short story in 1999 and never released it. It’s a bit odd but I think you’ll like the suspense and devastating ending! The theme is related to A.I. singularity theory with a hint of cyberpunk and dash of horror. And, in the upcoming sequel to Mandate, Decatur references Dr. McFadden as a neuro-researcher!

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