The Mandate of Earth, Revised Third Edition

The Mandate of Earth has been revised for the third and final time. 

The primary purpose of the revision was to tighten the writing even further while preparing the manuscript for a NEW PAPERBACK EDITION.

Last year, for the first anniversary of the book’s launch, I decided to take the advice of many reviewers who said it was well written and engaging but too long getting to the point. So that’s what I did. I cut 70 pages in that first revision and realized that the story remained as solid as ever.

This second revision cuts an additional 50 pages! It is remarkable what a two-year break from the text will do for one’s objectivity. This novel is now, without formatting, about 330 pages in length. Down from about 500 (formatted). A wonderful improvement. But don’t take my word for it, go read it yourself!

Free review copies are always available to any blogger or avid reader willing to write a review. Copies are available on this web site (request a download code), and available on Kindle Unlimited.


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    1. Hello to you too! Such manners today. No real name, no introduction, no closing. In other words, you are extraordinarily rude and do not deserve a reply.

      I’ve watched all 3 Stargate series and note only a vague similarity in the shape of the engines on this ship. Stargate’s Daedalus has a large flat (ugly) hull on top. One could say Stargate ripped off Starflight (the old PC game) but it’s a very generic design. And Stargate ripped off Star Trek with that name. But I had nothing of the sort in mind when I had that cover done. It is just generic indie artwork.

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