The Walking Dead, Book 5

I ordered a copy of The Walking Dead, Book 5, yesterday. Published in 2009, so I’m a little behind, but going through them sequentially.It has been a few months since I last read Book 4 so I might have to pick that one up again for a brief perusal.

Interesting to watch the AMC TV series by the same name and note the similarities and differences from the source material. Overall, the AMC series is following the original Kirkman comics fairly well, at least in broad strokes. For instance, in Season 1, they ended up at a CDC center which was not in the comic, and S2 seemed to just go every which way until settling on the Farm at the end, which was a big part of books 2 & 3.

Each “Book” covers 12 issues of the original comic series. So, having finished Book 4, I’ve read through issue 48, and Book 5 will go from 49-60. It’s a good way to get through the series and the books are very high quality with glossy pages and vivid colors. I highly recommend it. However, keep in mind, it is rated M/A–not for kids.

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