Microsoft, Ever The Bully

I’ve made no attempt to hide my contempt for Microsoft, as I’m reminded daily of this company’s narcissism. It’s always something. You can count on them making the wrong decision concerning customer satisfaction.

Where does Microsoft succeed? When they emulate others: Game consoles, Tablets, Phones, App Store, and Music. Oops, Zune died, scratch music. Windows Store isn’t doing so well, either. Surface is kind of meh–I don’t know anyone who would choose a Surface over a Samsung or Apple tablet. Actually, toss phones into that same barrel. Why would anyone want a Windows Phone? (Possibly Microsoft employees who leave it on their desk while keeping the iPhone in their pocket).

Xbox is a brilliant success. The original and 360 were brilliant (mainly due to outside consulting/hiring Sony and Nintendo people). The Xbox One is doing great, but only after Microsoft was forced to reverse all, 100%, of their design choices due to consumer’s … not so much, complaining … but laughing. Laughter is a quick dose of shame. Either change, quickly, or get furious and blow up.

But make no mistake! If the Xbox One had been installed on 50 million business PCs, the noisy complainers would have been summarily ignored. Like dissatisfied Windows users. The contempt is tangible. But the Xbox One sold in the single-digit millions, after billions in development costs, so they couldn’t afford to ignore their customers. Retail consumers determine whether a console sinks or floats.

But back to my personal dilemma. Windows update is coming up Every. Single. Day. over a keyboard driver. It just won’t shut up about it until I give in and allow it to install. And that’s the state of my PC after having disabled the worst of the updater.

I’m typing away in the middle of a scene and an update dialog interrupts my typing to tell me a MUST-INSTALL keyboard driver is waiting. This is just the latest leftover. After 3 weeks of harassment I finally gave in to the last W10 system update.

Do Mac users ever have to put up with this kind of harassment and fail?

Everyone knows Microsoft is a corporate bully, but has anyone mentioned how this company treats customers, consumers, even their fans?

Is there a human behavior that mirrors this?

“Sometimes we mistake … pestering for tenacity… trying to bulldoze … until they achieve their goal. They’re forceful and it’s important not to mistake it for assertiveness. Aggressive people try to own other people’s behaviour and their feelings…. with force … so that they can get what they want, need, and expect.”…/

Aggressive people try to own other people’s behavior and feelings using force. That is the definition of an aggressive bully. And what else does a controlling person do? They typically manipulate those around them into relying on the bully and the bully alone for their specific needs, whether that be financial or emotional or what-have-you.

What else does a control freak personality do to create co-dependency? Isn’t it typical in cases of abuse that the abuser gives things to their victims? After abusing a wife or child, the abuser buys them something nice, or takes them to a nice restaurant, where he’ll laugh and joke and carry on as if that excuses everything.

Windows 10 is free.

This is Microsoft.

Trying to hold on, giving a gift, but not allowing their subjects independence. There’s always a catch, a hook, that can be reeled in.

The only way to thwart a bully is to distract them with their own health or well-being. They suddenly play nice when they’re diagnosed with a terminal illness or financial ruin. (Taking the analogy there, Microsoft is not dying, but they are failing to keep up with powerhouse rivals Apple and Google).

On a personal note: For me, it’s been 20 years of this. I just need to buy a Macbook. Linux was a hopeless fail. Use the PC for 100% gaming (with Steam at startup) and the Mac for everything else. I’ve been irritated for years but now I think i’m just so sick of it I need to change. Maybe buy a slightly older model on the cheap while I learn the OS. Use it for writing, blogging, email, that’s all I do.

What do you think? Is Microsoft a bully or is this company just misunderstood and being victimized?

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  1. Right on, brother, about Microsoft. Steve Jobs was right when he said MS had no taste. The minute you feel the iPhone and operate it a few minutes you feel joy. An Android phone is disgusting (Windows phones as well).

    1. Hi Ted. I saw your FB page and see you’re a big-time gamer too. I played through the entire CoD series last fall on my aged but awesome 360 (I haven’t gotten a next-gen console, too many great Steam games for PC). But, I was disappointed with Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops. I’ve got BO2 but haven’t played it yet.

      Yeah, Microsoft really pisses me off, and they never stop either. Always know what to expect from those guys. The new CEO hasn’t changed anything, either. I think Ballmer did a better job in his last years and THAT GUY is insane.

      Yeah, I just need to get myself a Mac but it’s hard to switch after 30 years. I’d like to relegate the PC to serving up media and running Steam, that’s about it. Then get a Mac for writing. That’s the plan, haven’t gotten around to it yet.

      Also on phones, I have an Android, and have a lot of trouble with it. But, it’s a cheap one. What if you compare a Samsung Galaxy S6 with an iPhone 6? At the high end? That Samsung has an 8-core cpu. I hated Android prior to 4.0, but that one sold me. Now 5, 6 is out, and I’m stuck at 4. So IDK what to expect out of the high-end new ones. My main deal is, I use a lot of Google apps like gmail, hangouts, maps. Some of those Apple apps aren’t that great.

  2. To even add on to this, Microsoft is planning to add user-mode bash binaries to Windows. So you’d be able to launch the command prompt, type “bash” and get a full Ubuntu Linux bash shell inside Windows. No doubt a way to try to get people off of Linux due to the fact that bash > Windows command prompt. “See?! You can do that on ours too! Come back!”

    Link for the uninitiated:

  3. I totally agree! I’ve had Windows update turned off for a couple of years after an update nearly trashed my PC and halted my work! I vowed never to trust them again. So, I was an MSDN subscriber; I was sent a USB flash drive that contained VS2015 and also Windows 10 Pro. I held onto it for awhile and then let my MSDN subscription lapse on April 1, 2016. Just a month or so ago, I thought, “hey, it’s free and the flash drive is probably faster than online” so I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, from Windows 7 Pro. For about 1 week, I could not get it to Activate. It kept telling me my product key was invalid. So I called Microsoft, who proclaimed, “your product key is a Volume Key and the upgrade only works on a retail key…”. I checked the sticker on my laptop and it was a retail key, not a volume key. The girl at Microsoft said I would have to purchase a retail key. I thought; “what? with MSDN at a cost of over $7000+ a year, and THEY sent me the flash drive, I now have to BUY a key?” I said, “what kind of crap is that? seriously?”. She said, “your MSDN subscription expired, so I can’t help you.” I said, “wait a minute, based upon that statement, if I had tried to install it when my MSDN account was active, then it was smart enough to know that, and would have “activated” my copy of Windows? is that what you are trying to tell me?” She stumbled for a minute and said,” I don’t have an answer”. So, I just hung up and reverted back to Windows 7. Oh well…like you said, Microsoft thinks everyone is stupid….

    1. Oh, that’s a real shame. I’ve had an MSDN via employers over the years and maintained a text file full of license keys that still work today. As evidenced two weeks ago when I had *FINALLY HAD ENOUGH* and reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch after Windows 10 crashed and got stuck into a reboot loop for an hour…. So I’m happily back to Windows 7. (It came out during that rare era at Microsoft where the customer was #1 and all of their products from that time period reflect courtesy rather than narcissism).

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